Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and 3 months old

I know you're all dying to see Lucy in her Halloween costume, so if you actually read this I'll be shocked. Lucy turned 3 months on Halloween. We went over to my dad's house for Halloween night, and sat out on the front lawn with a bonfire and all the dogs around us. They loved running up to the trick or treaters, and surprisingly, none of the kids were even phased by three big dogs running up to them. We had a great time sitting out by the fire talking and eating candy :)

Time is flying and I can't believe what a beautiful and happy baby girl we have. I swear she gets easier and happier every day. She certainly isn't deterring me from wanting more kids because if they are all like her I'll want ten. (Mark is fainting as I type this...)

Life in the Campbell household is going great. Heidi and Lucy are starting to pay more attention to each other, and Lucy just closes her eyes and smiles when Heidi gives her big licks on the face. Mark is still working well from home, though we had an internet outage for a few days and I thought he was going to go crazy. It's up and running again now and we're all thankful for that :) We made a fire for the first time last night and it made our house feel so cozy! If you missed the video of Lucy laughing, make sure you go to the previous blog post and watch it, cuz its precious. Here's some recent pics from Halloween and hanging around the house:

playing on her new activity mat...she loves this thing

being sweet, as usual

Ride em cowboy! She's still a little small for the Bumbo, but its too cute to resist.

She wore a pumpkin onesie during the day on Halloween, and then had a full pumpkin outift for that night. She is always smiling, and its finally easy to capture it on camera.

Once we put the hat on the smiling stopped. I think she found the red light on the camera and became mesmerized.

This is her pumpkin outfit! Don't you love the little green sprig on top?

My dad said she was the "fattest pumpkin I've ever seen"

Don't you just wanna eat her?!

Watching the Georgia game with daddy. I had to remove her later because of all the yelling. It was not a good night for the bulldogs.


adamandashley said...

She is too cute for words! I can't wait to see her!

Matt and Julie said...

Wow....I really could eat her...she is absolutely adorable! I really want to see her (and you guys, of course) again sometime soon.