Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving and a little update

It has been a LONG and fun-filled couple of weeks. I'm just gonna sum it up for you real quick. 
  • We went down to Jackonsvile, FL to see Mark's cousin, Emily, get married. The weekend was so busy and went by so quickly I didn't get a chance to take any pictures. When we got home I was too anxious to wait for Thanksgiving to pass, so I decorated the house for Christmas! We were supposed to go get our tree today, but it rained all day and no one wants a wet tree, especially the cleaning lady (that would be ME). 
  • For those of you who don't know, Mark has been working at Longhorn waiting tables for the past year as a supplement to his other job so that I can stay home with Lucy (what a hubby I have). Now that he has started the book business, this next week will be his last week/weekend at Longhorn! Hooray! Its been difficult for all of this past month since he's been working from home during the day, then working most nights at Longhorn. It has been a blessing to have this job, but we are so happy to see it come to an end. Praise God for his continuous provision.
  • We spent a few days over Thanksgiving with Mark's side of the family over in PTC. Jim, Molly, James, (and Clem) came into town, and it was fun to spend time with the whole family. We even had a date night with all the couples (including Meredith and her BF Tim) and left the kids with the grandparents. James really had fun pointing, kissing, and patting Lucy, and we all look forward to the next few months when James and Lucy can really interact more with each other. Enjoy the pictures!

Mark serenading Lucy already

Naked! I can't help it, its too cute.

James reminiscing about the times when he could actually FIT in a Bumbo seat. Don't worry, his was blue.

Meredith and Molly with Lucy and James. I love my sisters!

Heidi and buds.

James loved all the new toys Lucy brought with her.

Marnie playing with Lucy on Thanksgiving Day

Marnie with her grandbabies!

Going for a walk in my new BOB. I love it!

It got cold on the walk so Lucy got to try out her new hat. Too cute.

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molly said...

I love this post and there are some great pics! We love you too sis!=) It was so great being able to spend so much time with yall--can't wait for Christmas! Miss you already!