Monday, November 10, 2008

So, we had a little scare...

I guess we were due to have a scary accident happen. The whole night is a little blurry to me, so to make a long story short, Saturday night Lucy choked and stopped breathing. After she turned purple, I realized maybe I should help her to start breathing again so I picked her up and gave some back blows. After about 3 or 4 blows she started crying (and breathing!) again. Scared me to death. I called the Pediatrician (after Mark insisted) and they thought it would be best if Lucy got checked out immediately in the Emergency Room just to make sure she was ok and didn't have any fluid in her lungs. We headed to Fayette Hospital, and Mark, every-ready with the iphone, managed to take a few pics:

In the hospital room...they called us back really quick

Getting weighed....that's 13.9 lbs for those of you who can't convert grams to pounds

um...what am I doing here...I'm fine!

Her hospital bracelet; of course I saved it :)

So, turns out, Lucy checked out fine. No fluid in her lungs, and other than being a "gas machine" as the ER doctor put it, she's perfectly healthy. They still don't completely know what caused the incident, but attributed part of it to reflux. We were instructed to watch her very closely that night and to call 911 if it happened again and come by ambulance. Naturally, I got ZERO sleep Saturday night because I was up checking on her every 5 minutes. Strangely, Mark slept great. It's amazing what that boy can sleep through. So far Lucy is great, and has been catching up on her sleep since she only got about 6 hours of sleep Saturday night due to our midnight ER visit. Here are some pictures around the house from the past week:

Lately, when Mark bends down to kiss her she accidently grabs his glasses. This time they landed perfectly

And then she decided to eat them

Propped up watching tv


marc and trisha said...

I am so thankful that everything is ok, but I'm sure it was very scary.

By the way I could just eat those cheeks. She is just too cute.

Chris and Abby said...

I'm glad everything is ok!! How are you holding up after the incident?

Matt and Julie said...

I'm back to stalking you again!!!! And, I have to admit that I don't like coming back to such a scary story...I'm sure you were freaking out, but I am glad everything is okay and Lucy is as adorable as ever! I'm not sure when we will be home next, but we will definitely have to get together, because I have to see Lucy again :)

Love you guys,