Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Pumpkin For Our Punkin

We officially had a family outing today. I've noticed how we have fallen into stereotypical weekend activities for families. You know what I'm talking about...a Saturday trip to Target, maybe Home Depot if there's time before the big kick off, (this week Georgia vs. Tennessee) followed by grilling out and watching the neighborhood kids run around yards they don't live in. Its fabulous. Anyway, we decided to get in the fall spirit and go to Uncle Bob's Pumpkin Patch in Newnan. I highly recommend it. They have hay rides, animals everywhere, picnic tables, a gift shop, plenty of room to run around, and of course, pumpkins! It costs $12 per person, but if you go only to buy pumpkins then they let you in free (which is what we did...I don't think Lucy would appreciate hay rides or petting goats yet). It was fun, and really got me in the mood for Fall. I love holiday decorations and traditions. I was so excited about our batch of pumpkins that in the car on the way home I was going on and on about making memories and "wasn't that worth the time and money" and blah blah blah, then Mark said, "Oh're gonna want to buy a Christmas tree aren't you." I did not respond. A look did the job. Don't get me wrong, Mark loves holidays too, but I think he's already stressed out about me going overboard with Christmas decorations this year since its our first Christmas in a house. But don't worry, we'll have a Christmas tree if I have to chop it down myself.

So enough of that Christmas talk...let's enjoy the Fall! Here are some pictures from our outing.

Can't you tell she's loving it?

Lucy picked this one out

Mark with all of our pumpkins. I don't know why I had to have one in every size.

Lucy with her pumpkin


Matt and Julie said...

Oh goodness...I just love Lucy and I love Fall! She is absolutely adorable with her little pumpkin. I can't wait until I get to see you guys again. I miss you guys!

Carolyn said...

Campbell team...thanks for coming over last wknd. It was the highlight of the day. I esp enjoyed the swing action...and holding the swirming lil one. -Aaron