Thursday, October 16, 2008

New pictures

Mark received the new iphone a few days ago as an early Christmas present. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how its working out because I haven't seen or heard from him since he got it. Although occasionally I will find him in the office downloading new "apps", and I've even passed him in the hall a few times jamming to his itunes playlist with headphones on. Seriously though, while most couples agree that lack of money, kids, and stress cause the most arguments in a marriage, I would have to say that in our marriage, it's new gadgets. The same thing happened when Mark got a PS3 last year for Christmas from my parents. I literally didn't see him for a week. It was all about Grand Theft Auto and Tiger Woods. Oh well, boys will be boys. Anyway, Mark has been snapping pictures all around the house with his phone, so I thought I would put some up. They aren't the greatest quality (which is NOT the iphone's fault apparently), but it is hard to get a still picture of Lucy since she's so wobbly and squirmy these days. Also, on a side note, she's now sleeping 12 hours at night. From 8pm to 8 am we don't see her. Its kind of weird...yet awesome. Enjoy the pictures!

Enjoying her favorite time of day...bathtime. She also constantly has her hands in this position, unless of course they are in her mouth.

A good naked picture, just so we can blackmail her when she's a teenager

I love this one...that tongue is always out

Here she is on daddy's lap, playing with her hands again

Still loving her carseat

Sitting up on her boppy with a little help from mommy. You'll notice the enormous bowl of Fiesta Ranch dip that I finished off by myself in the background...its crazy, I eat more now than when I was pregnant.

Look at those chunky arms!

Heidi got her mouth really good in this one


Carolyn said...

Be honest, "BabyWise" is secretly paying you to endorse their book. I know that is where that phone came from Mark...

Tori said...

1. We are currently wearing the same color nail polish.
2. I love your hair cut.
3. Every picture of Lucy is cuter than the one before it. I miss her and I've never even met her!

Stacey said...

Hi Janna, I'm so glad I could be helpful to you! I hope you have a good experience with the BGs...they are working out well for us.

I've enjoyed stalking your blog a bit. Your daughter is too cute for words! I adore all of her squishy huggable!

It's a small world, I have a lot of family in your area. My cousin teaches in Newnan and I've spent many a summer in the Villa Rica area visiting grandparents and cousins. We'll probably be out there again next spring!

So this is already the longest comment ever but feel free to email me if you have any CDing questions or just want to say hi. staceylayne(at)gmail(dot)com