Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Due Date!

This is the day Lucy is supposed to arrive! Nothing is happening so far, but we are hopeful. Due to some recent requests (ahem...Julie) I'm putting a few pictures up of our house. I didn't take pictures of every room, so if you want to see the rest then you have to come visit! Hopefully we'll be updating you soon with baby news!

Part of our kitchen; you can see a little bit of the office to the right

Our family room, and the view when you walk in the front door

Master bedroom; you can see Lucy's pack n play all ready!

Lucy's room!

more of Lucy's room...

and some more...

Aunt Meredith painted these letters...she did such a good job. We, however, did not do such a good job of hanging them. Its more difficult than it looks.

The front of our house

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Julie said...

Oh my is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you so much for posting them (and for the shoutout :) it is like my connection to the real world!!! I can't wait to come visit it in person and to finally see beautiful little Lucy. Her room is precious by the way. Thanks again and I miss you!