Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th!

Despite the rain and gloomy weather, we had great 4th of July. Usually we go to the parade and fireworks in Peachtree City but they were canceled due to the weather, so Instead we had a relaxing and laid back day. Mark had a rare day off work, we ate a LOT of food, took a nap, and spent time with family.

We ate lunch and went for a swim at Mark's parents house. 

The water was freeeeezing and Annie could not stop shivering! Lucy jumped off the diving board for the first time without a float or anything....she has turned into such a good little swimmer this summer. 

Back at my mom's house for naps, dinner, some really old and questionable fireworks, and a Pinterest inspired dessert.

Annie is always up for a photo op...

This is what our dessert was supposed to look like....

And this is how it turned out....mine are on the top. My mom's are on the bottom. Pinterest fail

They still tasted yummy!


kim said...

The picture of Lucy and Stella right beside each other--twins. Your dessert looks...interesting. Taste is all that matters everytime.

Chris and Abby said...

I seriously love Annie's smile!!!