Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness

Lucy is "helping" me update the blog today so its gonna be short and sweet...

I was going through Lucy's old clothes the other day (it's insane the piles of clothes this child has already gone through, not even including the ones we are currently loaning out to friends...) and I came across her preemie stuff! I can't believe she used to fit in those tiny onesies!

After a messy dinner of spaghetti, blueberries, and green baby food mush

Hmm....any food under here?

This is her attempt to crawl pose. She doesn't try to crawl at ALL from her stomach, but when she's sitting up she'll get down like this and kind of rock until she either face plants or gives up and sits straight up again.

Sweet baby Abbie

Checking each other out

After taking a VERY large bite of bagel

So yummy!


molly said...

wait--is that a tooth I see cutting in that last pic, or just part of her bagel bite?! I cannot wait to get home and squeeze her!=) James LOVES looking at pics of her--he runs to the computer when I ask if he wants to look at pictures of Baby Lucy--AW!! You better be home when I'm home!

Mark and Janna said...

haha no teeth yet. She has one of those cyst things on the bottom though, that's probably what you see. That's so cute that he knows her! I can't wait to see them play together, its gonna be hilarious. Of course I'll be home!