Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Officially a Coupon Mom

I have been transformed. is my new best friend. Basically, they tell you what items are on sale at what store, AND what coupons are still good from the Sunday paper for that item, AND which Sunday paper the coupon was in. It teaches you patience! Usually when I get a coupon for something I need, I get so excited and run out and buy the product right away. But if you WAIT until the item goes on SALE, you get the sale price, plus the coupon discount, making a lot of items super cheap, some even free!! Am I making any sense? Seriously, check out the site, it's amazing. I'm finding too that it doesn't always pay to go to Wal-Mart for everything (like I usually do). Sometimes the item is cheaper that week at Kroger or Publix because of the coupon and the sale price. (and oh how I LOVE my Publix). I highly recommend trying it!

I wasn't going to post any pictures, but I can't stand it! My sweet baby girl is too cute...

Lucy and Lilly. BFF.

Lilly is sitting up so good! She would topple over after sitting for a while and crack up laughing. She thought it was hilarious.

Playing outside, her favorite.

She keeps pulling her bumper down and then falling asleep on it. Maybe she wants a pillow?

Independent playtime in her playpen. She pulled every single one of those toys out of that bin on her own.


molly said...

Wait until you see my coupon notebook you will be so jealous! I literally cut my grocery bill in half yesterday once i handed him the coupons--yay! Sad. Times have changed, eh? Anyway, I LOVE this sitting up/8 months's the best yet! Then just wait until 18 months--that's the next best! James can't wait to play with Lucy!

Chris and Abby said...

Janna... the coupon thing is awesome! Frustrating at times, but awesome! It's so fun watching the price drop at the register. Chris and I started the coupon thing back in January and it's hard work but really pays off. is a great resource. Good luck and happy shopping!!!