Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Heidi turns 2!

Heidi is two years old today! (and Lucy is 2 months today!) Just because we have a baby now, doesn't mean we have forgotten about our sweet Heidi. We had a celebration this past weekend and invited our family and their furry friends over to our house. Mark made some mean hamburgers on the grill, and we all had a blast, dogs included. Heidi did miss her cousin, Clem, who lives in North Carolina so didn't get to make it to the party. We missed you Sias family! Thank you to everyone who came, it meant a lot to us to have the whole family together at our house.

The neighborhood kids came over to play with the dogs. The whole neighborhood knows who Heidi is, and kids frequently ring our door bell to ask if Heidi can come out to play. Heidi obviously loves it because she loves kids and loves to play ball, and we love it because Heidi gets worn out and spends the rest of the day passed out on the floor.

Meredith took a trip over to the neighbors' to jump on the trampoline

Big Daddy and Lucy...I think they look alike

The dogs waiting patiently for their cookies

Eating Frosty Paws...its a frozen treat for dogs. Its ridiculous how much they love it.

Meredith and Tim

Lucy had been sick all day and was burning up, so we kept her naked for the party. She seemed to like it

The Birthday Girl!

All the dogs laying down after A LOT of playing and running in the yard

Bella couldn't quite keep up with all the youngsters...she mainly supervised

Monica and Lucy...this was before we stripped her down

Jake and Amanda

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Tori said...

What did you do to my baby? Is she better now? P.S. laughing hysterically at both your voicemail you left me and the fact that you invited that many dogs to your house for a party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDIKINS!!!!