Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Annie Turns 3

I have a three year old. I mean, a long with a 5 and 18 month old....but still....I have a 3 year old. 

Do you ever assign your child a permanent age in your mind? Like whenever you picture them they are always a certain age? I do. Maybe it's just the year younger than they are....but for some reason whenever I picture/talk about/think about or envision Annie, she's 2. It just rolls off my tongue, "let her do that, it's fine, she's 2", or "well she's only 2 so......", and "this is Annie, my crazy 2 year old". Even when she wasn't 2 yet I pictured her as a 2 year old.

Two is a big transitional age for most kids. Potty training, moving to a big bed, sometimes a new sibling comes a long, they no longer are learning to walk and talk but are singing and dancing and running. 

Two has been a great age for Annie. She took all the transitions in stride and for the most part has been a very easy 2 year old (aside from climbing the walls and her life being risked due to her acrobats and physical activity on an almost daily basis). She doesn't give me much trouble, she doesn't argue, and she is fairly obedient. She is wild, but in a sweet way. 

She has stepped up to the big sister plate and has learned to help me around the house and entertain her younger sister while Lucy is in school. She is slowly taking on responsibilities and I'm learning that I need to give her responsibility instead of doing things for her or letting Lucy do it for her.

She also gets away with a lot. She's sneaky in that middle child sort of way, and whenever she is doing something borderline wrong, she meets you with a big grin and looks all innocent as if to say, "What? Is this wrong? This? What I'm doing right now? What if I keep doing it? Is it still wrong?" GRIN.

She isn't rebellious. If she doesn't do something I ask her to, it's because she's indifferent. She doesn't care if she does it or not. No skin off her back. Unlike my first born, "oh you want me to do that? I'm gonna stand here and not do it just because you asked me to". So parenting her has been different for me. Because I relate to Lucy. I'm a firstborn, type A, rebellious, and a little (ahem) controlling. Parenting Annie has taught me to be more sensitive, more laid back, and quicker on my feet.

Annie is energetic, happy all the time (except when she first wakes up), doesn't want responsibility or control, loves attention, and loves people. She loves princesses and baby dolls. She sings even though she can't carry a tune. She wants to wear a dress and flip flops every day.

She is a great big sister. She's also a great younger sister. She is starting to stand up for herself more and it cracks me up to see the look on Lucy's face when Annie decides to stop taking her crap. That being said, she absolutely adores Lucy and wants to do whatever she is doing. She tolerates Stella. Lovingly tolerates her.

For Annie's 3rd birthday we had a special breakfast, just hung out as a family, went to Partner's for dinner (of course), and then the girls had some late night ice cream as a special treat after Stella went to bed.

The day after her birthday we had family over for some cake and ice cream and playing. Annie requested a cookie cake again this year.

My two cousins came with their girls and they just loved playing together. Stella was cracking me up playing on the floor with baby Kennedi.

Big girls sitting together. Annie's tongue is already pink. It was a great day and a great party. We so enjoy keeping birthdays low key and in the family. It's fun to do a big party every once in a while but Annie really enjoyed playing with her cousins and getting attention from all of her grandparents.

I'm excited to see what the age 3 brings for Annie. She will become a big sister again, she will continue to grow and gain independence, she will learn, she will wear us out, she will test her limits physically, and I hope she will stay blonde.

Sweet Annie Faith, you are such a joy to our family. You bring a smile to everyone's face and you light up the room with your sparkle. You keep mama on her toes and daddy wrapped around your finger. You are a precious miracle and gift and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank our Heavenly Father for blessing me enough to be your mama. Happy Birthday!

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Tori Kauffman said...

I love this entire post. And maybe it's because annie and Celia are kindred spirits because I felt like you were talking about my child the whole time! Happy birthday sweet Annie :)