Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby Stella

Precious Stella has been in our lives for almost 2 weeks now, and already I can't imagine our family without her! I feel so content and complete with her here...she has been such a joy in such a short amount of time.

Mark and I stayed in the hospital for 3 nights this time and I'm so glad we did. I missed my big girls but I just love the time alone with the baby in the hospital. Plus having your meals brought to you in bed is hard to resist :) From day 1 Stella has been pretty laid back. She's very sleepy, probably the sleepiest of my girls. She is also very tolerant and patient and doesn't cry or startle easily. She must have gotten used to all the noise and action in utero!

Just love this picture of Lucy and Stella in the hospital...

It's pretty difficult to get pictures of Stella alone since she has two adoring big sisters. I'll try to get more of just her, but for now this is what our past week at home looked like:

 Naked baby!

Poor Stella. Annie canNOT leave her alone. The wet on the side of her face is from Annie licking her. For some reason her new thing is to lick when she kisses. 

Lucy has been so helpful! 

Rare moment of Stella's eyes open. She reminds me of Lucy's newborn pictures when her eyes are open 

I have been getting lots of rest thanks to fabulous friends and family who have brought meals, cleaned my house, and entertained the big girls. Mark went back to work this week and we were sad to see him go, but my mom is here helping out as I continue to recover from surgery.

For now, I'm enjoying soaking up time with my three girls without all the added responsibilities of cleaning and cooking and LIFE in general :)


Laura said...

Congratulations!! All four of you girls are beautiful!!

Chris and Abby said...

Stella looks just like her mommy in that last picture of you and her!

*claire* said...

she looks like a baby doll :)

i love the ones with her sisters. also - it's probably time to update your blog photo ;)