Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ballet and iphone dump

Hey remember when I used to blog? That was fun.

Sorry I'm slacking, but I have no energy lately. When the girls sleep, I sleep...or atleast I'm trying to sleep. And when they're awake, well, there's no blogging time :)

Lucy started ballet a few weeks ago. Since she's not in preschool it's nice to have something to do to get out of the house one morning a week, and she loves it and asked to do ballet instead of gymnastics this year. Although, after watching the Olympics, I'm not sure that was a wise choice :)

Here she is on her first day: (with little munchkin in the background)

We did a mommy and me ballet class when she was 2 and it was all over the place. This one is much more structured. They crack me up on their little mats....

Other than ballet, and waiting on this new baby girl to get here, not much going on around these parts. The girls are getting so sweet and have really started to play together nonstop. But with playing together comes fights, and Annie hit Lucy in the face for the first time today. Can't say I blame her....I knew the day would come when Annie would decide to fight back. Ahhh sisterly love.

Here are some random pics from my phone of the sweet sisters.

Munchkin stole Lucy's purse....

So sweet sleeping

Playing in the sprinkler on a hot day...this day ended with bug bites ALL over...I think a fire ant got Lucy's stomach because they were really bad for a few days. Where did the bugs come from? I feel like we haven't had bugs all summer but this past month has been awful.

A moment of playing sweetly together under the tree. They love being outside.

Another sweet moment...I asked Lucy to wake Annie up from her nap. A few minutes later I went into Annie's room and found them like this. Lucy had climbed into Annie's crib with a book for both of them to read. They can be so sweet sometimes! Both my girls LOVE books and usually "book" is the first word out of Annie's mouth every morning as she reaches for her bookshelf from her crib.

That's all I've got for now! I'm hoping to get another Annie post up soon, I feel like she's changed so much in the past 2 months or so...also have some craft projects I want to blog about, and need to take some pictures of the girls' rooms before I merge them together! (and hopefully an after picture if I can get the room to look how I want on a budget of ZERO dollars)

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