Sunday, June 17, 2012


We have been so busy lately that I've completely neglected the blog. We've had swim lessons, sickness, doctor's appointments, and just life with two little ones. Not to mention this has been the hardest pregnancy ever and even though I'm well into my second trimester, if I make it through the day without getting sick I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Enough excuses....quick recap:

Summer evening walks after dinner are my favorite. If only those darn mosquitos would stay away...

Annie had to get some blood drawn for some possible food allergies. She was such a trooper and surprisingly mommy wasn't a control freak enough to actually draw the blood herself. I let the nurse at the pediatrician's office do it :) and she really did a great job. Still waiting on the results and praying it's not gluten or dairy....

We drove down to the beach today with my dad's side of the family for my grandparent's anniversary. So excited to be in the wind and sand. Even if my hair doesn't agree. This is Annie's first trip to the beach.

Even though Lucy has been to the beach several times, this is the first time she has really been excited. As soon as we were checked into the condo she said "mommy can you take me to the ocean now?!" So glad she loves this place as much as I do.

We are here for a few days so I'll try and post some pictures. Sadly Mark was left behind due to that stupid thing they call a career. Its like he has to support a bunch of high maintenance women or something.....

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