Monday, June 18, 2012

Beach day 2

The day started off great...we all had a good nights sleep after a long travel day yesterday and the weather is perfect here.

Annie poolside...she still isn't sure how she feels about the pool and the beach.

We went out to eat for lunch....Grandma was a trooper and rode in the back of the van :)

Dancing Annie

Just playin some air guitar...

After lunch and naps we headed back out to the beach. All of these pictures are from my phone but I did bring my camera out to try and get some good shots of the girls. I'll have to upload them when we get home. As you can see, Lucy adores the ocean.

We ended the day with Lucy running out of her room at 10 pm and puking all over the hallway....and then slipping and falling in it. I then gave her her third shower of the day and tucked her back in bed. Why do these things always happen on vacation?? Hope none of us get it...

Up until that point it was a fabulous day :)

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kim said...

Poor Lucy! I hate how that happens but am always relieved when it's only once. I always chalk it up to excitement/nervousness/not home. Love Annie's green suit. She is soooo cute!