Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Big news!!

We are very excited to share that we will be hosting two orphan girls from Latvia this winter!! The Lord has really been working in our hearts recently and led us to a hosting program, called Project One Forty Three. The program sends representatives to orphanages in Latvia and Ukraine in search of older children and sibling groups who need to be adopted. It's a way for these high risk children to be exposed to potential families and greater increase their chance of finding a home. Right away I felt like we were called to do this, so we took a huge leap of faith and committed to host a sibling group. The purpose of the hosting program is to find these girls a forever home through adoption.

The girls are sisters, ages 6 and 3, and were abandoned by their parents. They currently live in an orphanage in Latvia. They will arrive in the U.S. mid December and will come live with us for a month, so we will have them over Christmas! While they are here, we are to love on them, let them experience life in a safe and loving family, and hopefully find them a home! While it is not our intention to adopt them, we are certainly open to the possibility. For now, we are just following the Lord's calling to host them, and will be trying to find potential parents for them. Please keep your eyes and ears open to anyone who is interested in adopting these precious girls.

We need a lot of prayer and support as we dive into this amazing opportunity! Hosting is a big financial commitment, one that we cannot carry on our own. But we know our Heavenly Father equips those He calls so we are trusting that He will provide! If you feel led to help us financially, shoot me an email at jannaelain@gmail.com and I'll give you more info. We also need girls shoes, a coat, and winter clothing, size 5/6 mainly. I have been told that both girls are small for their age so I'm hoping the 3 year old will be able to wear Lucys clothes, but if you have any 2/3T stuff you were going to give away anyway, then I would love to have it. I have no idea what size shoe a 6 year old girl wears, but if you do then send some our way! Again if you would like to donate clothes or toys then email me and I will coordinate with you.

Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare our hearts and home for the arrival of these girls. I have prayed over our home many times, asking the Lord to use it for His glory....why else do we have a home but to serve Him with? Why else do we have possessions but to share them?

We are excited, terrified, and hopeful. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support!

Check out www.projectonefortythree.com

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Chris and Abby said...

We are so excited for you and your family and will be praying for you all! Looking forward to all of the updates! :)