Friday, September 10, 2010

Swim lessons

So.....Lucy finished her swim lessons in June, and it has taken me THIS long to post it on the blog. We took several different videos during the lessons, but Mark compiled segments of them into one video. The first few seconds are her very first can tell she didn't like it very much. It's amazing to watch her progress though. At the end she had to pass the lessons by turning onto her back to float fully clothed. Niki was her instructor and she was amazing. I would recommend these lessons to anyone with a baby or toddler.

You can check out the website if you're interested


The Capps said...

That is soooo good....we will def. be doing this for Hadley when she gets older....thank you sooooo much for sharing this!!!

Sarah said...

OH my goodness!! I was a swim coach and taught swim lessons for year and have never seen anything like that. That was INCREDIBLE!! What a great thing to have under her belt! So impressed!!