Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lucy's Shrek Obsession

If you didn't know by now, Lucy is obsessed with the Shrek movies (AKA "Heck" "He-haw" or "meow"). There's one part of the movie where she sings along with Princess Fiona, and we have been meaning to get it on tape for the longest time. When she first started doing it it was MUCH more expressive and hilarious, but this still gives you the pictures of how into it she is. Notice Fiona's mannerisms on the screen to the right, that's where Lucy is getting all of her cues.


Chris and Abby said...

she is going to be a singer just like her mommy and daddy :) She also seems to really relax and calm Heidi with her singing. Heidi looked so peaceful laying there next to Lucy Lu.

Leigh Anne said...

oh my gosh, this is too stinking hilarious! she's so cute. i'm glad to see she already loves singing and performing!! :)