Friday, July 16, 2010

It's HOT!!

This summer has flown by. I keep saying, school is starting back soon, summer is almost over! Then Mark reminds me that technically our summer will keep going since we have no school related activities in our family :) Guess that's a good thing for now. Here are a few pictures of us trying to stay cool in this heat.

Every time I try to set the sprinkler up, we end up just playing with the hose instead.

Enjoying one of my favorite parts of summer...watermelon!

And this is the reason we eat the watermelon outside :) Less clean up for mommy.

Lucy and Lil taking a break for a snack in the playroom. They play so well together!

Not much else going on around here....continue to keep Mark in your prayers as he tries to find a job, and pray for surrender and peace for me. I struggle when I see others with what I want...more babies :) I have to continually give it over to the Lord on a daily basis, that He will increase our family in His timing, in His way.

I have written up some things I want to share regarding my miscarriages and my spiritual journey through it. At first I thought I wanted to write a book or start a different blog or website to share it all, and now I'm thinking I may share it here on our family blog. Not sure how I feel about that yet. Starting another blog is definitely a possibility. Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions would be helpful, as I'm not sure how to go about sharing my story. I know the Lord wants to use my story, if only I could figure out a way to get it out! Let me know your ideas!


Laura said...

You're debating blending your losses with your family blog....and I'm here debating blending my family with my loss blog. Either way, it's a delicate balance.

In church last week, the associate pastor was preaching on essentially "finding our calling". Since starting my blog (which started out as a blog through my losses), I've been amazed at how God has used me and my experience, and I do think that this is "my calling". I don't think that He's calling me into "full time ministry" or anything "big" like that, but He has blessed me with a heart of compassion for other women who share my experience. And now I'm rambling...and don't know if I answered your question at all. :) But that's my thought on letting God use your story. Hang in there!

Mark and Janna said...

I remember you saying you didn't want to announce your pregnancy on facebook because you felt like it wouldn't do it justice...its not enough to just say you're pregnant, and I kind of feel the same way about blogging about our family and not blogging about the losses....I mean they ARE our family, and it affects us, and it has shaped who we are, so why would I hesitate? I dont 'know.....I'm worried about what people will think I guess, which is stupid.

I think you should blend your family with your losses blog...its who you are and it is a ministry. I think I just answered my own question :) Still wondering how I can tell my story bigger than just my blog though, ya know?