Friday, May 21, 2010

It's a love-hate relationship....

Me and Heidi that is. Well, just me and Heidi during the summer....and when it rains....and when she's annoying. Just kidding. I love Heidi, I really do. She is an AMAZING dog. So amazing in fact, I expect too much out of her sometimes. It's not her fault her nails clip clop on our wood floor. It's not her fault she drags water around the kitchen after she drinks. And it's really not her fault that she sheds like this during the hot summer months...

That picture is from just one ten minute brushing session. And it doesn't even compare to what Mark got off of her yesterday. I realize that 99% of my annoyances with Heidi stem from my anal retentiveness to have my house clean at all times, and that's just not possible with a dog. It's especially not possible with a dog and a toddler chasing around that dog all day long. But that's the sacrifice I make to have Heidi living in the house with us. It's totally worth it. She protects us, she's amazing with Lucy (and provides hours of entertainment for her), she is very well behaved, she really isn't that messy compared to most dogs, she's a great cuddler, and she keeps me company at night when Mark isn't home. But when the first hot summer months hit and she begins to blow her coat, in my my CLEAN house....I can forget all of her positive aspects :)

So while I'm cleaning up after Heidi, this is what Lucy does:

What a little bookworm. Both of these pictures were taken when the house got quiet and I went looking for her, expecting her to be into something she shouldn't be. Instead I found her sweetly reading to herself :) Precious.

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