Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm trying to upload the bazillion pictures we took from Christmas but the camera died and therefore won't upload, hence the growling. I did find some old pictures of Lucy from before Christmas that I think really capture her growing personality and toddleresque antics. She makes me laugh out loud literally everyday. Lucy and I have been really buddy-buddy lately since Mark is in Birmingham pretty much all month long. It's a very difficult season in our life, as we are trying to transition out of a job, deal with how this distance is putting a strain on our marriage, and parent a very dominant and energetic toddler. But God is still good, and He continues to be faithful to our family. We trust in His timing, with everything in our lives, and at times that can be both a source of frustration and relief.

The Lord has blessed us with an amazing small group from our church. I can't speak highly enough of them. Mark and I have always made an excuse not to join one, and now finally in this crazy time in our lives we decided to be a part of a small group and we couldn't be more pleased. It has been a refuge for us, a safe place to share our struggles and just fellowship with other couples. We thank God for placing them in our lives. It's funny the way He works things out....

So Christmas pics will come soon I promise. Until then, if you're ever in Newnan and wanna hang out, gimme a call, cuz Lucy and I are bored to death, Haha just kidding. No but seriously, call me.

Being silly

She found some reading glasses (possibly belonging to one of the grandparents)

Oh how I love this sweet girl

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