Monday, December 14, 2009

Thanksgiving....a month later

Whoops. I just realized I never posted Thanksgiving pictures! We went up to Indiana this year with my mom's side of the family and rented out a log cabin for a few days. It was REALLY cold (especially to us southerners) but we had a blast. I didn't really take that many pictures because we were pretty busy playing games and catching we like to hang out in our sweats most of the time :) Here are a few I took on Thanksgiving Day:

A round of loaded questions

Most of the cousins...we're actually missing quite a few now that I think about it

Uncle Jake and crazy Lucy

Lucy and Annabelle. They loved each other.

The three sisters! My mom is in the middle.

My Aunt Dawn showing Lucy the deer. For the rest of the trip, Lucy would run up to Aunt Dawn and ask to see the "deee".

Me and Brit. We go way back :)

Me and my crazy mom

So there are actually 5 great granchildren now, with two more on the way...and they are all really close in age. It was fun letting them play together. Family gatherings are definitely different with the little ones around. Lucy and Allison (below) are 3 months apart.

Lucy, where is Allison's belly button?

There it is!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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