Wednesday, December 9, 2009

15 month check up

Lucy had her 15 month check up last week, even though she's technically 16 months. We're a little behind :) She was 24 lbs and 32 inches for those of you who are interested. She couldn't be growing more beautifully. Here are a few words she's picked up lately:

"mo mo" - snow man. Hilarious. My Christmas decorations mainly consists of snowmen bc I love them, and so she goes around the house pointing to them all saying, "Mo Mo....Mo mo". Its so cute.

"wa wa" - water. What's up with the double naming?

"li" - light (this used to be la la but now its actually sounding more like light)

"yeah" - I'm trying to break this and turn it into yes maam.

"no" - that's right. She is saying no. She almost always says it " no no". Maybe I say that? I'm not sure. She doesn't always say it in context though. She'll say it and then I'll say, "Lucy did you just say no?" and she'll go "no no" and grin really big. Oh geez.

I was grumbling and whining to Mark the night after her check up about some things we've been going through lately when suddenly it hit me that I had gone all day without thanking the Lord for not encountering any problems at Lucy's check up that day. I just expected her to be perfect and healthy and wasn't necessarily thankful or surprised by the fact that she was. I was definitely humbled that night. I was reminded of so many families who have children with chronic medical conditions. I'm a nurse, I should know these things, I've seen this children. We are so thankful to have a happy, healthy little girl. On top of that she happens to be beautiful and smart too. What a blessing! Thank you Lord for this precious gift.


molly said...

I love this post--so sweet. Can't WAIT to hear her say all of her new words!

Chris and Abby said...

All of our decorations are snowmen too!!! I love it!

Janna, you and Mark are so blessed with little Lucy. I always enjoy reading updates on her.... I wish we lived closer so we could see you guys more. Thanks for all of the updates and pictures for those of us who live far away!!