Monday, August 31, 2009

Dee Dee is fired from babysitting

Yesterday, while my mom was babysitting, Lucy fell from her highchair onto the tile floor in her kitchen, head first. She's got quite a shiner. It's probably her best boo-boo to date, and she's had quite a few. Of course my mom was more upset about it than Lucy was. We kept a close eye on her for a few hours, but she's fine. I got a few pictures last night...its really hard to tell from the pictures, but the knot is pretty big. Even I was a little shocked at the size :)

You can kind of see how big it is from the side. She also has a long scrape on the side of her head....we think maybe from the highchair tray? Not sure.

Big bump!

Today the swelling has definitely gone down a little, its more purple and green though. As you can see, Lucy is really bothered by it.

And no, Dee Dee, you aren't fired, just on probation.

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