Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lucy's Party!

Lucy's birthday party was Sunday, even though her actual birthday isn't until this Friday. The party really was a success and we all had a blast! Lucy was in a terrible mood, which is rare, but we allowed it since it was her party :) A special thanks to Marnie and Pop Pop Campbell for letting us use your house for the party. I know ya'll worked hard and we appreciate it!

Me baking the cake the night before. Yes, I made it from scratch! (the icing too)

Lucy's smash cake

The big cake

Getting ready for the party!

Sitting still while mommy attempts a bow

Family pic

Aunt Mer, (soon to be Uncle) Tim, and the birthday girl

Lucy's fave playmate, Lilly (and her mommy of course)

Lucy and Dee Dee. Don't they look alike here?

The birthday chair!

Mimi chatting with Lucy

Walking with daddy. She's doing great, she can walk just holding onto one of our hands now. Won't be long before she takes off on her own!

Another of Lucy's buds, Riley and her mama Leslie

Aunt Allie and Mollie holding Abbie. (say that ten times fast)

Getting a blueberry from Marnie. There aren't many pics of The Campbell's because they were running their tails off the whole party making sure everything was perfect! Thank you!

And this is the point where Lucy started to melt down. I think she got a little overwhelmed.

Yes, my child is the only one crying.

Time for cake!

Opening presents

hmm....looks like a possible duplicate.

It's confirmed!

Lucy really enjoyed the cards. Everyone joked that for Christmas she is just getting boxes and cards for her presents.

Thank you to everyone who came! We really enjoyed celebrating Lucy's first birthday with you!


d & p said...

Just precious! Cannot wait to get my hands on her!

marc and trisha said...

Is she really 1 ?!?! It's unbelievable how fast that year went. I love all the pictures. The ones of her eating the cake are great!

Aaron and Carolyn said...

LOVE these pics! Good thing she has 2 musical riders... can't have too many of those! We loved the party and love Lucy!! :)