Wednesday, July 8, 2009

11 months

It has been a loooong and very hard week for us. Thank you family and friends for the prayers and words of encouragement, they are SO appreciated. It's gonna be a long post cuz I have so much to update on!

Our sweet Lucy Lu is 11 months old. She turns one this month. WHAT?! How did this even happen? I can't believe she has been in our lives for a whole year! She has changed so much even in the past month, so I thought I'd list some things she's doing at 11 months:

- she's crawling around like crazy. She's fearless, and VERY fast.
- she can say "ball", "dog" (but with a long o, its so sweet), "da-da", "daddy" and there is absolutely NO attempt at mama yet. She says dog when she sees Heidi, but doesn't say anything when she sees her mama. Fabulous.
- she signs "more" and "all done" at every meal and we're working on "please"
- she sings and dances to music!
- she can walk while holding on to our fingers or furniture
- she is completely on table food now, no baby food at all, and is also completely weaned from breastfeeding (but still getting formula...although that will be gone in about a month!)
- she is very much an imitator right now. Faces, noises, motions....she imitates everything.

Her 11 month picture!

The tupperware has been compromised.

My favorite :)

Okay so let me preface these next few pictures...I'm going to a women's Bible Study on Tuesday nights, and pretty much all of us have young babies. So last night while we were meeting, the dads took the babies out to dinner at Red Robin. How hilarious is that. Dad's night out! It cracks me up. I FORCED Mark to take the camera. He was very embarrassed, but I insisted that dad's night out deserved a blog post.

One end of the table...the babies are kind of hidden

Besties Lilly and Lucy at the other end of the table. Lucy signing "more"

Lilly and Lucy checking out the Red Robin

Lucy deciding she hates it

And...might as well....a garden update! The asparagus has pretty much slowed down for the season, so we are no longer eating asparagus every night for dinner! Don't worry, zucchini quickly took its place. The tomatoes are still going to be the highlight for sure.

Our first tomato of the season

Our first zucchini (this was taken about a month ago)


Aaron and Carolyn said...

Thanks for showing the shot of Lilly's dad not having her high chair and table cover (when it was in the car and side pocket of diaper bag).

Aaron and Carolyn said...

Ok, so, we look like terrible parents who allow our child to eat of grody tables and sit in nasty hichairs w/ no covers. Both were actually with my husband who "couldn't find them." Classic. LOVE the pics and LOVE y'all!!! :)

Aaron and Carolyn said...

and apparently we comment at the exactly same time on different computers in the house. sweet. ;)

marc and trisha said...

I was very impressed that Mark used the chair cover and table cover for Lucy. Sorry Carolyn- Marc would not have used them either.

What sweet husbands to take them all out! I would have enjoyed seeing a bunch of dads with their babies.

Mark and Janna said...

lol aaron and carolyn that was hilarious, and honestly, I was shocked Mark took her cover in. Don't worry, I'm sure Lilly didn't catch Hepatitis or anything on the disgusting tables :)