Saturday, June 20, 2009

First Beach Trip

This past week, Lucy and I went to Gulf Shores with some of my family while Mark was in Birmingham. This was Lucy's FIRST beach experience! She loved the sand. She didn't act like it grossed her out at all, and even crawled around in it and ate it a couple times (naturally). We really missed Mark, but I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to get Lucy to my favorite place in the world. We're planning a family trip, just the three of us, in September, so Daddy will get plenty of beach time with Lucy then.

First time in the sand!

Checkin out the water

Walking with mommy on the beach

This is her new favorite face. She does it ALL the time, and we're not really sure what it's about.

mmm....just after a big bite of sand

sweetest thing I've ever seen

Again, with the sand eating

My sweet cousin Mollie

She found a seashell! And then of course, tasted it.

Sitting by the pool after a big swim

"ooooh" ing at some birds

Just FYI, there was a lazy river at the condo, (which was amazing by the way) and Mimi and Grandy (my grandparents) DID get in and really enjoyed it. However, I was threatened with my life if I ever posted pictures of them in the water on the internet. Hopefully one day those pictures will come out. For now, they will stay on my computer at home. Thank you to my wonderful family for letting us tag along, and for all your help with taking care of Lucy on the trip!

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