Thursday, June 11, 2009

The fake mini pool

So we've been swimming a lot over at The Campbell's pool lately, (I have a fabulous video I promise to post soon of Lucy swimming) and it has definitely proven to be one of Lucy's favorite activities. Today, I thought I would attempt the mini pool. If you can even call it that. Turns out, Lucy loves water in any shape or form, even in a miniature $5 blow up pool in the back yard. Good to know.

Adorable. P.S. that's a vintage swimsuit from mommy's closet when she was a little girl.

The ever-present scrunch face. I don't know why.

She loved this!

Bucket head. This made us laugh for some reason.

"airing out" after swimming.

And the best part about spending the afternoon in the pool and the sun....

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marc and trisha said...

i just love it when they sleep with their little bottoms in the air. Mia also loves the pool and I am so thankful because it allows me to be out in the sun too.

we are coming to ptc next week and so hopefully the girls can meet and hang out