Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sunny Orlando

Well, we didn't go to Disney, it didn't stop raining until the last day, and we didn't get much sun, BUT we had a fabulous time and got some much needed bonding time with family. According to the news, Orlando had record breaking rainfall and most counties had severe flooding while we were there too. Whadyaknow. Here's all the pictures I took...they are mostly of the kids playing in the condo, cuz that's pretty much all we did the whole trip!

Lucy helping me pack

Fortunately there was a playground that was covered at the resort, so James got to run around even with all the rain

aaaannnddd my 25 year old husband on the playground

James playing in the fountains in the rain. This pic is too precious.

Me reading to the kids

Finally, on Wednesday we decided to get up early and go swimming even though it was cold and rainy

Loving her float

She's gonna be a natural, I can tell

Our first and only day of sun! We made Lucy eat lunch poolside so we didn't miss ONE minute of the beautiful sunshine!

Laying out with mommy

Mamas and babies

James going in for the attack hug

Make-up kiss

I'm not sure why but she loved laying on top of her float. Maybe she loves to sunbathe as much as her mommy does :)

Chillin poolside with mommy

There's nothing like a fruity drink by the pool on vacation

Getting "swim lessons" from mommy

Overall, we really had fun and enjoyed our time. Fortunately the condo was really nice, and the Orlando Premium Outlets (Joe's Jeans outlet anyone???!!) were literally a 5 minute walk away, so we did a lot of shopping and in-room bonding. The parents even got to have a date night thanks to the grandparents/sponsors/babysitters. We love our Campbell Clan! Can't wait for next year's trip!


molly said...

Ok I LOVE your pictures! I'm dying over the "James attacking Lucy" pic--I need copies! Where is the funny one of Lucy chillin' on her back on the float? We loved spending all that time with yall too! Wish we were able to do it more=(.

marc and trisha said...

I hate that it rained so much. Despite all the rain it looks like you guys had fun. You also look really tan and like you never had a baby.

Great pictures. I LOVE the one of Lucy in the at.

Samantha said...

Looks like a really fun trip!!! Enjoyed looking through all the pics!