Thursday, May 7, 2009

One Week Later

This is my garden about a week and a half after planting day...

Better Boy Tomatoes

This one's the biggest

Cherry Tomatoes

And this is what happens when you neglect the asparagus for two days...they grow into branches and you can no longer eat them. These things grow like weeds.

Fortunately I caught these just in time for dinner tonight

Still no sign of the zucchini, but I'm not expecting it for another 30 days or so. Also the bell peppers look good but haven't grown tremendously so I didn't picture them.

Oh, and did anyone notice my picture quality? I got a new digital SLR camera for Mother's Day! I'm so excited! I've really been experimenting with it a lot so I can figure out how to use it properly. I realize Mother's Day is Sunday, but Mark is no good at gift giving...he bought the camera yesterday and gave it to me that night, he couldn't wait until Mother's Day! What a sweet husband!

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Samantha said...

Way to go on your plants! Isn't 9 months a very fun age! I remember really enjoying that month!