Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Giant

Lucy had her 4 month check up the other day, and she is ginormous. She's developing perfectly, and both the nurse and pediatrician commented on what a happy (and talkative) baby she is. Right as the Dr. was asking me if she can squeal and talk, Lucy did one of her 5 second long squeals. Perfect timing. She gave us the okay to start baby food (which is good cuz I've been giving her rice cereal for 4 days already) so I posted some pics and a video at the bottom of Lucy's first solid feeding session. She did better than I expected but still hasn't quite mastered the spoon. Here are her stats from the check up:

Weight - 15lbs 7oz. (90%)
Height - 26 inches (95%)
Head - 42cm (90%)

Its good to know she's huge all over. Its not like she's in the 95% for weight and the 10% for height or something. Poor thing can't help it if she has a big daddy :)

She was more weirded out by the spoon than the rice cereal

My OCD cleanliness has gone out the window. No chance with this messy eater.

We should probably buy a saddle for Heidi

We also went to buy our Christmas tree last weekend with my family. It was FREEZING so Lucy got to try out her big winter coat. Its a little big, but hopefully that means it will last us all winter. 

We found our tree! Guess we'll take the baby too...

Family photo, minus Heidi

Grandma and Lucy

Lucy sitting on one of the reindeer. She looks really fat in this picture. I swear she doesn't look that fat in person....well, maybe she does.


Chris and Abby said...

That video is hilarious.. her face is priceless! Love you guys and miss you!

Samantha said...

Fat is not the right word for a baby! She is precious! She is healthy and growing strong! Merry Christmas!