Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Days

I can't believe it. We actually got snow in Georgia. Of course some of the stories from people who were stranded are horrible, but we were fortunate enough to enjoy the snow from our own yard and come inside our warm home when we needed to warm up. I'm so thankful we were home that day, and that Mark made it home safely from work. I think he left just in time because about an hour after he left is when the madness started.

The girls and I were sitting at the kitchen table when the first snow flurries began to fall. Thinking this was the most we would get, we ran outside, obviously a little prematurely, and enjoyed the "snow".

Little did we know, a little over an hour later our yard would look like this! This is about the time Mark got home and he wasted no time getting changed and taking the girls out to enjoy the snow.

Heidi was in Heaven. She was actually bred/born in Iowa, so she feels right at home in the snow and loves running around in it.

The girls had a blast too. Lucy has been saying all winter that she wants to play in the snow and she finally got her chance.

Throwing snowballs at each other. This shot is right before Lucy's snowball landed inside Annie's jacket and went down her shirt. She loved that obviously.

Mark is trying to hit our neighbors with a snowball.

We didn't have a sled, but our back yard is perfect for sledding. We literally tried every possible thing we could think of to sled on. Plastic pool floats, inflatable pool floats, an actual pool, rubbermaid containers/tops, and even a baby tub.

The winner turned out to be this little pool float. It has a string on it so you can hold on, and it proved to be the fastest sled. They went down our hill over and over on it.

All of our pools and floats are now popped or broken, so I'll have to buy new ones for this summer when we will use the floats for their actual intended purpose. It was worth it though.

Meanwhile, Annie has a problem. Can't. Stop. Eating. Snow.

Literally off of every surface she could find, she was eating the snow. I mean, it all tastes the same, so I'm not sure what the appeal was. But most of her time was spent eating/licking snow, with the occasional ride on a sled.

Stella and I mostly stayed in the warm house, as I am not a winter/cold/snow person. I prefer temperatures above 50 degrees please. Plus Stella didn't really have any gear warm enough for a romp in the snow. But we did have to get her out and let her experience it some, so here's proof that Stella saw her first snow. She was thrilled.

Using sand buckets and shovels for the snow. Are you sensing a theme here? Summer/Pool equipment for the snow. We are warm weather people.

Annie made a snow angel and then couldn't get up.

We went on a walk to check out the neighborhood and see how the roads were. It was pretty slick and icy. Heidi loved exploring, and Annie loved finding new surfaces off of which to eat snow.

Then Stella and mama came inside because we were getting too cold. Stella wanted to play in the back yard with her sisters. (though she whined almost the entire time she was outside)

Watching them sled

The aftermath = fun clean up for mom

While they played outside, I stayed by the warm stove and made hot chocolate for the troops.

I think coming inside and warming up and drinking hot chocolate was their favorite part.

It was a fun few snow days, but I think I've had my fill for another few years. The girls asked me the other day when they can start wearing their flip flops. We are ready for spring!


kim said...

That Annie cracks me up! I love all the pictures of her tasting the snow.

claire @ a peachtree city life said...

i love the flying snowball pics! your girls (well, 2) are at the perfect age to have a blast in the snow!

and i'm like you - no need to get cold. tony and i were so glad harper is too young to beg us to go out and play with her :)