Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Change in Seasons

We hit a big milestone this month. Our oldest started kindergarten.

It's kind of a big deal. Not only was this her first day of kindergarten, but also her first day of school EVER. Lucy did preschool at home with me so this was her first classroom/school experience. She really wasn't all that excited to start school. She wanted to stay home and continue to do school with me. While I have LOVED homeschooling her and watching her learn and grow at home, Mark and I both decided to try out kindergarten this year to see how it goes. There is a chance we will bring her back home again next year for 1st grade but for this year we have committed to sending her to school. It's at a church nearby and it's only a half day program for 4 days a week, which I think is a great transition for her (and me!) since she isn't used to being away from home all day every day.

 Showing me her book bag she is so proud of

She has done exceedingly well. Especially since she didn't want to go. There were NO tears on the first day. She found her spot at her table, started working on what the teacher had out for her and told me bye. Like, no biggie, I got this mom. The second day she asked me if I would just drop her off in carpool line and not walk her in. Every morning she pops right of bed and says she's excited to go to school. I'm so glad she loves going!

Someone else was not very happy when we started pulling out of the parking lot and she realized Lucy wasn't coming with us.

While I definitely miss Lucy in the mornings, it has been nice to get some one on one time with the little ones. Annie was really whiny and clingy the first week Lucy was gone, I could tell she was bored and was missing Lucy. But since then she has really gotten into a little routine of her own and is enjoying all the extra time with me.

Meanwhile, this little stinker somehow turned 11 months old without me noticing!

Stella's little personality has exploded this month. She is crawling all over the place, getting into everything, dancing, grunting/growling instead of signing or talking, trashing entire playrooms by herself, and still manages to have all of us wrapped around her chubby little finger.

At 11 months, she still takes two LONG naps a day. Makes me wonder if she will ever go down to one nap. She is breastfeeding 3 times a day (I just cut down one feeding in preparation for weaning her completely), is wearing 12 month clothes, and loves to eat.

She is very laid back in the sense that if you sit her with a box of toys she is very content for a long time. On the other hand, she can certainly get into trouble if no one is watching. She isn't as active and mischievous as Annie, but definitely more so than Lucy was at this age. She's a good blend of the two of them, leaning more towards Lucy's personality and behavior. I frequently find her in the dog bowl or with strange things in her mouth, but so far she's much more mild than the Crazy Middle One.

Getting into trouble in the pantry 

She has 6 teeth right now, but eats as if she has a mouthful. She LOVES LOVES her sisters and I seriously love watching her play with them.

 11 month picture

Since Lucy is the family referee, Annie and Stella have had to learn to play with each other while Lucy is at school. The first few days they just sort of looked at each other like, "so who's gonna be the boss here??"

While Annie is older and can be bossy, I have no doubt that Stella can hold her own. She is a little toughie and may even be the class bully. We'll see. 

I can't wait to see these two blossom and grow, both separately and in their relationship together.

This has definitely been a season of change for us. New house, new small group, Mark's schedule changing/increasing, Lucy starting school, and now having another little one who is mobile and active.

I don't love change. Ok.....I really really dislike change. I like consistency, predictability, and......pretty much all things boring. But the recent changes in our little family have really brought about a lot of growth and blessing, and I am so thankful for being stretched and changed.

Now that we are settling in....I'm certain more change is just around the corner.

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Chris and Abby said...

I haven't been on any blogs, mine included, in at least a month and it was so great catching up on yours tonight!! I know we text and keep in touch, but I sure do love seeing pictures of your sweet family and reading ALL of your posts. The small group post was great- we love our small group, too and don't know what I would do without it! So glad you have been blessed with such wonderful friends! Miss you!