Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An Update and a Warning

HI! Remember us? We're the Campbell Family and I'm so glad you're tuning into our blog despite the fact that it has been severely neglected.

All I can say is.....we've had a lot going on.

First off, some catch up posts:

Lucy is FIVE now

Stella is 10 months

Read those and catch up on my sweet kiddos. So....what have we been doing? Well, Mark went out of town for two weeks for work. We moved out of our house and in with my mom. Bless her soul for letting us crash her life, her house, and her sanity. She was an amazing hostess and I miss her every day. I'm trying to convince her to come move in with us in our new house. If you see her out and about, please let her know that her life would be complete if she was sharing a roof with us.

Before we moved out of our house, I decided on a whim to potty train Annie. Yeah....that crazy, out of control, part monkey part we-don't-know-what Annie. And ya know what?

It took three days ya'll. THREE DAYS. What in the world. If that child is anything its unpredictable.

After potty training Annie, moving in with my mom, saying goodbye to my life/partner/better half for two weeks, we celebrated Lucy's birthday. Then we welcomed aforementioned husband BACK home and moved into our new house.

Moving sucks. Moving with kids sucks more. Curtain rods were used as weapons. Take out and fast food took over our life. Bodies were not washed. Teeth were not brushed. But we survived, and we are sloooooowly getting settled in.

(simultaneous avocado mash and crotch grab)

We are loving how much space we have in the new place and the girls have been helping me in the kitchen a lot more since there is more room. The girls each have their own rooms (for now) which is nice. We have nothing on the walls and there are boxes everywhere. I unpacked like crazy the first few days and got everything to where it was livable and got our essentials out. Then I quit.

In other news, my friend Kalan had her first baby boy so I went to visit her and hold/squeeze him. And I realized why I keep having babies. Newborns are just the sweetest and I can't get enough...

Mark has been working a lot so I've been on my own...which is good and bad. But we are thankful and dealing with it well I think.

The girls also got a mini trampoline for Lucy's birthday from Big Daddy and Grandma and have been using it as a trampoline, picnic table, hide out, and anything else they can think of.

So.....I miss blogging. I feel like lately I have just been updating the blog with pictures of the kids and special events. And while that's fine and I'm sure it's really all you readers care about, believe it or not, I actually enjoy writing. Blogging is a good outlet for me. I'm going to attempt to broaden this ol' family blog's horizons. More recipes, more opinions, more about being a mom and family in general. I'll still update about the kids and our family, but this blog used to be more than that and I want it to be that again.

So consider yourselves warned. Because it's about to get a whole lot more wordy up in here.

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