Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stella's Half Birthday

Ok I wasn't sad about Stella turning 6 months old until just now when I typed the title....and realized that we are half way to her birthday! How is that even possible? She's still a newborn, right? (cuz if she's not, then what's my excuse for living in pjs and my house being a mess?)

Like it or not, Stella is definitely not a newborn anymore. She is a babbling, bouncing, hair grabbing, finger biting 6 month old.

She is still VERY laid back, and is definitely the least active of the Campbell girls. I'm not sure if that's because she likes it that way, or because she doesn't really have a choice since I'm usually chasing her older sisters (one in particular....) around the house all day.

She has this little vein in between her eyes just like Lucy. I used to think she looked just like Lucy but lately she is resembling Annie more.

She is wearing size 3 diapers but I doubt for much longer...which means she and Annie will both be in size 4.

6 month clothes are getting a little tight but still fit for now.

She still sleeps on her back! Both the other girls were on their tummies for sleep by this point, but Stella really hates rolling over. She has gotten better about playtime on her tummy, but it is definitely her least favorite position to be in.

I promise she really does hate it. 

She is really starting to prefer me to anyone else. Before I don't think she noticed, but now if Mark (or anyone else) is holding her she will look around the room until she finds me. And if she hears my voice she whips her head in my direction so fast you'd think I have some sort of baby feeding device attached to my body. 

Oh wait, I do.

Speaking of feeding, she still nurses 5 times a day, although I'm sure she would go down to 4 if I pushed it...I just like how relaxed her schedule is when she's on 5 feedings. Plus she really isn't that great at eating food yet. I've only given her some mashed up bananas and sweet potatoes a handful of times and she tolerates it at best. She just really doesn't seem hungry or interested in it. She does look cute and tiny in that highchair though.

Annie cheese grin photo bomb.

She still spits up A LOT. There is a constant bib and burp cloth shortage in our house. And the past week or so she has been drooling like crazy so add that to the mix and the kid is basically soaking wet all the time. I don't think she's teething.....but for some reason the drooling has started out of nowhere.

Stella is very easily entertained, and in classic third child fashion, just likes to be looked at and talked to. That pretty much keeps her happy. You don't even have to do anything funny....just look at her and she will give you a big smile.

She has gotten pretty good at sitting for short periods of time. If she is slightly propped up she can sit for a long time, but alone she doesn't last very long.

Blurry picture because she is about to tip over...

She loves her sisters so much, especially Lucy. Lucy can make her smile and laugh probably more than anyone. 

She is so very chill and I know I'm spoiled rotten by how easy of a baby she is and by how much she still sleeps. I have been blessed with good sleepers, so for Stella to sleep even more than Lucy and Annie is certainly saying something. She still takes 3 naps a day and I almost always have to wake her from every single one. She's a champ. 

It's funny because in the late afternoon when Stella is awake and the big girls are napping, she talks and YELLS so much. She barely makes a peep the rest of the day but when they are asleep and it's just her and I, it's like she knows she has the floor. She certainly speaks her mind during that little window. 

I know it's not common now to have more than 2 kids. Things start to get complicated after two. But what joy and sweetness and pure love we would have missed if we had not been blessed with Stella. I am so glad the Lord laid it on our hearts to have another child (although it was a little earlier than we had imagined...but proof that His plans are always better than ours)

OH how I love this little girl.


claire @ a peachtree city life said...

such a sweet girl!
and i swear, she and harper are like the same babies. they will be the 18 month olds in the newborn waumba room, sitting on their chubby butts, chewing on their fingers (but happy!) but after annie, i'm sure it's sort of a relief to have a slow mover!

Janna said...

Hahaha yes that will be them! At least they won't be alone. And yes, after my wild child I am definitely thankful for a lazy baby.