Thursday, March 28, 2013

Parties and Parties

 A few weekends ago, I took the day off on Saturday and we happened to have two birthday parties that day, so it worked out great. The first was a princess party for a friend in Lucy's ballet class, so you know Mark was all over that and volunteered to take her.....

Oh wait no he didn't.

Lucy and I spent the afternoon together at the princess party. And lemme tell you, it was quite a party. Like, "dont' get any ideas cuz there ain't no way you're gettin anything like this" kinda party. But we had fun. And the weather was perfect.

Lucy with the fairy godmother 

This party made me SO want to take Lucy to Disney World. She would absolutely flip. 

Getting primped at the boutique. 

I told you this party was legit. 

Princess Lucy. Love this girly girl. 

We went home for a quick power nap and then took off to celebrate our favorite twins turning 2! They are a few weeks older than Annie and with every stage she goes through, I think about this sweet family dealing with it double time. Props to Mikey and Kacy. Cuz one of these crazies is hard enough....

Lucy is still sporting her makeup from earlier

Mark playing games with Stella in tow 

Lucy and Noelle playing. Noelle's older sister is actually Lucy's age, but for some reason these two have always taken to each other. They're kindred spirits. 

All the kids on the trampoline. I think I've decided what the girls should get for their birthdays....

 Tony teaching the kids some frisbee skills

Don't let that sweet jean skirt fool you. 

Future Mr. and Mrs.
I mean aren't they perfect for each other? It's ridiculous.

Yep, go ahead and get used to sharing you two.


*claire* said...

that IS an impressive party! your kids are just too cute.

kim said...

That princess party frightens me a little. And Parks and Annie so sweet sharing that dirt cup.