Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stella's Smiles

Stella continues to live up to her title as Easiest Baby Ever.

She is so happy and laid back. She gets jabbed and poked and disrupted a million times a day, and she doesn't mind a bit. She smiles when she hears her sisters, instead of crying and running in the opposite direction...which is personally what I do. I mean...what I would do....errr.....

Stella at 3 months

She is a chunker, and has pretty much outgrown 3 month clothes and is barely squeezing into size 2 diapers. Imagine picking up a 14 pound bag of flour....that's kind of what she feels like. She's solid.

Sweet smiley baby loves her bath now

She sleeps through the night every night now, and still takes 3 good naps a day. She can sleep through anything and sleep anywhere.

She is a puker, like Lucy was, and I'm amazed at the amount of laundry I have to keep up with just to have a clean burp cloth available.

She got a bad respiratory virus (courtesy of big sisters) and is on at home breathing treatments this week. You can see her smiling through the mask

I'm trying to soak up every smile and coo because I know all too soon she will be running around too busy and too big to want to be held. What a beautiful blessing sweet Stella is to our family.

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