Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stella is 1 month!

One month has come and gone for Stella! Time flies when you're having fun...or sleeping, eating, and pooping nonstop.

I am honestly very surprised at how easily Stella is transitioned into our little family. She is on a schedule, yes, but she goes with the flow and really has settled into our routine perfectly. She doesn't protest when she has to wait for her meal a little longer than usual...and she's perfectly content to sleep in our arms, in her bassinet, or her crib. 

So far the only place she really doesn't like is her carseat, and that isn't even every time. On Saturday we ventured out as a family of five to walk around and have lunch, and she slept in her carseat the entire time and never made a peep. Other times...there are lots of peeps :)

Stella at 2 weeks:

Stella at 1 month:

Trying to talk to me while I take her picture...

She has grown so fast and is very noticeably bigger than even just a week ago. I'm pretty sure she went through a growth spurt at the beginning of last week...its hard to tell because I have to wake her up for every feeding except for maybe one or two. In one week she outgrew newborn diapers AND newborn clothes. I am hurting for some winter clothes because Annie and Lucy were born in warm months, so if you have some hand me downs send them my way and I'll pay you for shipping :)

She is quite a sleepy head. In the past few days she has really become more alert and I don't have to work as hard to keep her awake while she eats. After she nurses she looks around for a little bit, then goes back to sleep. She is only waking up once in the middle of the night to nurse, then goes back to sleep until about 7 or 7:30 am.

Even though she sleeps a lot, she is holding her head up really well. I haven't really done much tummy time with her but when I do, she does this:

So far she is my easiest baby (at least as far as sleeping and eating goes...but that's all she does right now) She is a great nurser. She is a spitter though and goes through several outfits a day. Lucy was the same way so I'm used to smelling like baby puke all day :)

She still has some dark brown hair and her eyes are dark blue. She has pretty olive skin and people are always commenting on how pretty her complexion is. She reminds me a lot of Lucy as a newborn...except Lucy was shiny bald.

She is very tolerant and patient. Kisses and pats and noises and shouts and (accidental) rough hands from her sisters don't bother her at all. She turns her head to their voices when she hears them in the room. She obviously loves her sisters already. She calms to my voice and touch the quickest though.

She HATES her bath. Also hates when I change her clothes. Other than that, she really doesn't cry much.

Much happier after the bath was over :)

It's so hard to believe that she wasn't in our lives just one month ago. She has fit into our family so perfectly that I know she was made for us :) It feels like she has always been a part of our family. I am so thankful to be Stella's mama!

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