Friday, March 4, 2011

Like sister, like sister

I have some stubborn girls :) They get it from their mama.

So at my 37 week check up with Lucy, we found out that she was breech. Actually, transverse, which means she's laying sideways inside of me instead of head down. Well today was my 37 week check up for baby sister and guess what? She's transverse!! What a stinker. She's been head down for the past few weeks, but I really noticed a LOT of big movement this week out of her. Not kicks but rolls and flips, so I guess that's what she was doing, moving out of position, letting me know she's not ready yet :)

Hopefully she'll turn again on her own, because I really don't want to go down the c section road again.

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Laura said...

Bummer!! I'll pray that she turns on her own!