Sunday, November 8, 2009

Here's what we've been up to lately...

It's been a very busy and very stressful couple of weeks for the Campbell household. Mark and I are in the middle of making some very big decisions for our family, and with those decisions will come many changes. I like structure, routine, and really am not a big fan of change. Mark loves change. He would rearrange all the furniture in our house once a month if it didn't make me so crazy. But I'm learning that change can be good, and in the midst of it all, God is good. Whether this next big step in our life is difficult or easy, God is still good. Mark has been such an encouragement to me, constantly reminding me that God is good, even if our circumstances aren't. Keep us in your prayers these next few weeks.

Life goes on, and we are immensely blessed. I cry so many times thinking about how truly blessed we are. Lucy is beautiful, growing, healthy, and so smart. So many people never get to experience parenthood, and I don't know why the Lord chose us to raise this feisty girl but we are loving every minute of it. She's 15 months old now!! That sounds so strange. She is like an educational sponge. Seriously. She learns SO fast now. New words, new motions, and she just loves to mimic Mommy and Daddy.

Here are a few thing she's doing at 15 months:

- running. yes, RUNNING.
- moving from two naps a day down to one. I think it's going to be a weaning process. She definitely does well with just one nap, but there are some days that she still needs two. (like today)
- is really into whining and letting us know when she's not happy. She does not hide her emotions well at all (wonder where she got that from??) We're working on the whining and learning the ignoring it is usually the best approach for her, as she loves attention
- she is quick to anger. This has probably when one of the hardest things for me to handle, because I am very quick to anger. Or rather, my selfish reaction is to be quick to anger. This has been a constant struggle in my life, and is something I have to work on every day. It's hard to see it in her, because I know she got that from me. We are really trying to discipline her heart and not just her head. Lucy and I are learning this together :)
- she LOVES music and loves to sing and dance. She does almost all the motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider
- despite what I said above about her attitude and whining, she really is very obedient for being so young. People are often surprised at how well she obeys.
- she has four teeth on top and two on the bottom. And still has VERY little hair :)
- she continues to be a great eater, although she is definitely starting to slow down on the amount she eats at each meal. So far, I can't think of a food she won't eat.
- she LOVES Heidi. Like seriously, annoyingly, LOVES her.
- she said "boo boo" the other day! She fell and busted her chin open the other day and was fighting me to put a bandaid on, so I explained to her that the bandaid was to help her boo boo, and she pointed to her chin and said, "boo boo". The bandaid lasted a whole hour.
- she is obessed with Elmo, or "la la"
- she is still using sign language for "more" (which has really turned into "please" or when she wants something), "milk" (though she can say this too), "eat" or "hungry" and "all done". Her verbal skills are great, but I've found that the words she can sign she rarely says. Is that weird?

Here are a some pictures from the past few weeks.

doing Itsy Bitsy spider. She will sign "more" and then do this if she wants you to sing it.

Lilly came to play one morning. This is them watching Sesame Street.

Best Buds

Having a snack after naptime

Lovin on her Heidi

Mark and I both had to work on Halloween, so we didn't get to do any trick or treating or dressing up, but the weekend before Halloween, Lucy's BFF Lilly turned one, and her party was a costume party! So Lucy got to put her Halloween costume to good use...

Lilly loved her cake!

Lilly and her pretty mama.

Our best attempt at a picture.

I'm sure there will be more exciting updates to come! Stay tuned!

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Matt and Lauren Knierim said...

I worked at the Bell Center for a while after school, and the signing but not saying thing is totally normal. As much good the sign language does at the time, the words that they sign are always the ones that they refuse to say for some reason. We would work for the entire year to get the kiddos to use their words and not their signs (and most of them got very mad because we ended up ignoring the signs).