Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mr. Frog

Lucy has never had any sort of attachment or "security" item. I took the paci away from her when she was 2 months old (I know...I'm so cruel!), she's never showed any interest in a blankie or a stuffed animal. I just always thought, well, that's a bit strange, but figured she would attach to something if she needed. Enter Frog.

This cute little purple and green frog that matches Lucy's room so well has been sitting on top of her crib for decoration since before she was born. Lucy never paid much attention to it. Mark and I noticed a few weeks ago that whenever we would go in to get her up from a nap, Lucy would stand up, go and grab the frog, kiss it, and THEN would let you get her out of the crib. Not before. That turned into her pulling the frog down into the crib with her, but still keeping it a safe distance away, no snuggling or kissing involved. She just wanted it IN the crib with her. Now, all of a sudden, she loves that stupid frog. She kisses it, cuddles it, snuggles with it, and sweetly tucks it under her arm when she sleeps. Its the cutest stinkin thing I think either of us has ever seen.

Don't get me wrong. She does not drag this frog everywhere with her and scream when it is taken away. We don't have to worry about the frog being covered in food, dirt, and whatever else she manages to get into for the day. Frog stays in the crib. Period. However, she was being SO cute and lovey with it the other day after her nap I had to snap a few pictures.

So sweet. She just walked around her room hugging it like this.

Snuggling during naptime.

It's so funny to see little things like this that show us how much Lucy is growing up. What a sweet, precious girl we have. I thank the Lord every day for allowing me to be her mom.

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Chris and Abby said...

Those pictures are precious... absolutely precious! The last one shows just how big she is getting! She looks so tall! I miss her :(
and you!!! :)